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God cares about your suffering

God cares about your suffering. The Bible speaks plainly that God is in control of all of our suffering. Not only does He ordain suffering, but He intends it and uses it for our good. But what we may not often consider is that He is not some cold dispenser of sanctification. He cares about our suffering. Here's an example:

You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book? (Psalm 56:8)

According to this verse, God keeps track of our sleepless nights. He keeps track of every tear we shed. What an incredible concept that is. Of course, it's poetic. God need not write down anything, since He knows all things and is outside of time and space. But this imagery is powerful. He cares about our suffering. He keeps track of it. And in this context, He does so in order to judge those who are causing the suffering of the psalmist.

God cares about our suffering and will vindicate us. When He returns, He will put all His and our enemies under His feet. No injustice or evil will go unpunished.

Not even the wickedness that we've done will go unpunished. Of course, for we who believe in Jesus, it has already been punished. Christ died on the cross, taking on our punishment, all we who believe in Him. And through faith in Him, we are forgiven every sin.

Yet even as believers, we will suffer. Perhaps especially as believers. God cares. God keeps track. And God will make it all right.

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