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God doesn't owe anybody anything

We are an entitled bunch. We think that we inherently deserve certain things, and when we don't get them, we get angry. People always ascribe this weakness to this generation, but the reality is, it's just part of being human. (Think about Israel's history in the Old Testament and the things they thought they were entitled to.)

Even with a man as righteous as Job, we see that he thinks he's entitled to answers from God, reasons for why he's suffering. As part of God's four-chapter response to Job, He says to him,

Who has first given to me, that I should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heaven is mine. (Job 41:11)

Who has given to God anything before He gave it to them? Nobody. Whom does God, then, owe? Nobody. Everything that we have and everything we don't have belongs to God. Ergo, He has the right to do with what He owns as He pleases. Could He have given Job the reasons for Job's suffering? Sure. Did He owe it to Job? Absolutely not.

Even though this is true, and even though far from deserving anything good from God, we deserve God's wrath, God still gave His only Son to die for us. God doesn't owe us anything, and yet while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

How could we feel entitled to anything? We deserve nothing. God gave us everything in Christ Jesus.

Still, as Christians, we can revert back to this entitled attitude. May we be reminded that God doesn't owe us anything, and that He'll only give us what is good.

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