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The scariness of God's sovereignty

We don't often associate fear with God's sovereignty, but Job certainly does. Look at what he says in Job 23:13-15.

But he is unchangeable, and who can turn him back? What he desires, that he does. For he will complete what he appoints for me, and many such things are in his mind. Therefore I am terrified at his presence; when I consider, I am in dread of him.

A lot of these things, we usually find comfort in. God never changes. God does all that He pleases. He fulfills all His plans for us. These are comforting.

So, why is Job terrified? Why is he in dread?

In part, it's because he doesn't understand what's going on. In his mind, he's a righteous man who does not deserve the suffering he has endured. He wants to get a hearing with God to try to sort this out. In the meantime, he's suffering.

When you think of it that way, when God's plan for Job was great loss and suffering, it may not be comforting for him to consider that God fulfills all His plans for him.

Job is missing a major piece. He has a firm grasp on God's sovereignty, but perhaps he does not have a firm grasp on God's goodness and care. If he realized that God was working it all out for His glory and Job's good, Job might not have been so terrified.

That said, God's sovereignty should evoke in us some level of reverence and fear. We are in awe of might, are we not? What could be more mighty than being able to do whatever you want in the universe? God's sovereignty speaks to His incomparable might. No one can stay His hand. No one can justly question what He does. He is almighty and sovereign. Even as we adore Him, let us rightly fear Him.

Today's reading: Job 23-24

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