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In any church, we must continually encourage and pray for growth in our leaders, men, and families of the church. In doing that, we confess that only the Word of God is the source of sufficient knowledge for the believer. That is to say: no earthly teacher is perfect–none.

Yet, God has given the gift of teachers to His church that she might be washed in the water of the Word and grow to full maturity in Christ. And so, when God does supply these teachers, we want to encourage all Christians to carefully learn from them and think through how the gospel might be recognized as more glorious because of their teaching.


At FBC of The Lakes, we want to encourage men, in particular, to seek depth and maturity. We desire that they would, by God’s grace, lead their families to maturity in Christ. That does not remove the responsibility of all individuals to understand (regardless of gender or station), nor does it overlook the need for godly influences through the church. It is a simple recognition that God has ordained means and orders.

In our technological age, we have an astounding opportunity to share in some of the best teaching available without great cost or travel. This is a time when every church and home could be a seminary!

**The links below are recourses to help you. This is not an endorsment of everything on each website. Please practice discernment not matter what resource or teacher you are learning from**

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